Communities – Get Involved

People with HIV in WA are made up of diverse communities. Some of them organise their own events and activities. It’s important for all people with HIV to have the opportunity to belong and participate in their own & their communities empowerment. 

POWA Committees

POWA Committees are predominantly made up of people with HIV and their allies. They are dynamic in nature and like other groups have stages to their organisational development (i.e. forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning). People who participate in POWA Committees are expected to follow regular social norms of courtesy, mutual respect and confidentiality (in order to protect participants from harmful unwanted disclosures).

Currently POWA is seeking expressions of interest into the following potential committees and depending on the level interest received will form in due course:

  • 2020 World AIDS Day Committee
  • 2020 Candle Light Memorial Committee
  • Advocacy – Ageing & HIV Committee
  • Advocacy – HIV Decriminalisation Committee
  • CALD Committee
  • Regional Committee
  • ATSI Committee
  • Women with HIV Committee

If you would like to be part of committee or add event or suggest a community activity please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.  

POWA Community Pages

To assist people with HIV from our diverse communities, POWA offers support through a network of HIV positive peers in WA and nationally. They can assist with community building, program development and trouble shoot challenges that arise from time to time. We have dedicated pages for the communities to assist in their organisation and empowerment. 

If you would like to be part of a committee or would like to add event or suggest a community activity please complete the contact form below.