Frequently Asked Qs (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the rules of the association?

POWA is incorporated and has adopted the model set of rules attached

POWA Rules of Association.

Do I have to be open about my HIV status?

Certainly not, we understand that being visible with HIV although encouraged is a deeply personal journey. POWA does not out people about their HIV status instead we provide empowering programs that build your resilience and quality of life.

Do I have to be HIV positive to get involved?

Of course not, you can become an associate member. We value allies enormously and can’t do this work without you.

I’m newly diagnosed with HIV, what now ?

You are not alone, we are a whole community ready to provide you with peer education and support as you journey through your own unique experience with HIV. Under programs see the peer education and support professionals you may choose to provide you with confidential peer education and support.