POWA Writing Group

POWA Writing Group

We know writing can have many and varied beneficial purposes and health outcomes for people with HIV.

The aim of the group is to support and develop each others creative writing through peer to peer support, coaching, mentoring, sharing and discussion.

This group meets on a monthly basis at a local Perth cafe to discuss, encourage and develop each others creative writing projects.

Each person will bring their own unique writing voice, style and purpose to the POWA writing group. All forms will be respected and encouraged and could include but is not limited too the list below:

  • Articles for “Out in Perth” for public HIV awareness raising.
  • Poetry e.g. reciting at a community events
  • Writing short stories
  • Collection of short stories for a potential book/ebook
  • Writing content for social media pages
  • Personal Journal writing for growth
  • Opinion pieces, letters to the editor
  • Writing for work e.g. reports, resume, cover letters, selection criteria

Group participants in the beginning will be encouraged to develop a project with a goal in mind.

If you are interested in developing your creative writing and would enjoy being a part of group to collaborate and grow then please complete the contact form below and be sure to include creative writing within your message.