POWA Programs

Are opportunities for people with HIV, friends, families and allies to grow their personal development and empowerment. So that you achieve better health outcomes and improved quality of life.

Some programs are developed in  collaboration with others like the Public Health Advocacy 101 program which was sponsored by Curtin University, the Health Consumer Council and the WA Health Department. POWA is very open to collaboration that personally build and empower people with HIV in WA. Please contact us with your ideas :-).

Programs at POWA are very much demand driven, that’s because we are very focused on building the community’s capacity to respond constructively to HIV challenges presented in our communities. If you need a program developed, we work with you to its successful implementation.

Below are list of POWA programs available for you, consider which would be most beneficial to you, then begin by registering your expression of interest in attending through the contact form below.