U=U Undetectable=Untransmittable



When a person with HIV has a level of virus  in the blood below the level of detection, known has having an undetectable viral load, then they are unable to pass on HIV to others.

This means, with certainty people we HIV and an undetectable viral load now have a normal sex life, conceive children naturally and enjoy the full range of love, sex and intimacy.

Here at POWA we have partnered with community and made our own fun contribution to the U=U campaign with some 1-2 minute videos

U=U campaign

If you would like more information then please read the article from the Lancet Medical Journal

Lancet U=U taking off in 2017

and for more fun being connected go to our PositiveWA Facebook page below.


Thank you for taking the time to become informed, being accepting of people with HIV and for taking part in eliminating HIV stigma and discrimination.